A J Wilcock world famous “Australian Wire”

Although our wires have been imitated by many manufacturers over the years, A J Wilcock Australian wire remains the global market leader in high tensile stainless steel archwires.

For over fifty years, “Australian Wire” has been a household name in orthodontics. The extraordinary properties of these wires are due to the research and fine engineering skills employed in the processing of the wires. Wilcock wires are well known for their resilience and ability to withstand masticatory forces as well as being able to maintain their shape even when auxiliaries and elastics are used. There is no other wire which opens the bite as effectively as Wilcock wire.

AJ Wilcock


Australian Wire

A.J. Wilcock® Australian Wire has earned its reputation as the finest stainless steel of its kind. Strain aged processing ensures extraordinary resilience simply not found in any other orthodontic wire product.

Australian Wire Grades

Regular and Regular Plus are easily formed and are excellent wires for general use and utility wires. Special, Special Plus and Premium wires are ideal for bite opening and where high resilience is required. The finer wires such as Premium Plus and Supreme are ideal for auxiliaries.

AJ Wilcox Products and Services

Orthodontic Springs

An orthodontic spring is designed to provide a light but constant force on a tooth to move it over time

Pulse straightened wires

Pulse Straightened wires have a smooth low friction surface with the same resilient properties as the coiled product, giving the added benefit of saving time to straighten the arch posterior segments and provide ease of use.

Band pusher

A band pusher using an angled rectangular serrated tip, a band pusher has a long reach and is used for fitting and positioning an orthodontic band on a tooth.