Birmingham Springs

Birmingham Springs was founded to combine the best materials and processing knowledge to deliver outstanding, quotation to despatch value for our customers.

Located in the heart of industrial Britain, Birmingham springs has a prime position to provide fast deliveries.

Birmingham Springs combines technical knowledge and manufacturing experience. The team comprises engineers with backgrounds in Spring design and manufacture, process manufacturing and material science.

Birmingham Springs Products and Services

The most common way to classify springs is by how load is applied to them. You’re probably familiar with the following:

Compression springs 

Designed to operate with a compressive load and found in shock absorbers, spring mattresses, mechanical pencils, and retractable pens.

Torsion spring

Designed to operate with torque (twisting force); powers every clothespin and mouse trap.

Coil Springs

Lightweight coil springs are made by forming metal wires on an CNC coiling machine. The multi-axis CNC control allows you to create variable pitches.

Springs that come off the coiling machines do not have springy properties. They need to be heated to a high temperature (typically 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more) to relieve stress, then quenched to create shape memory.

Machined Springs

Machined springs and die springs are used for heavy duty applications with high strength and precision requirements. As the name suggests, machined springs are made on CNC lathes and mills.

Extension springs 

Designed to operate with a tensile load. The spring providing a contracting force. These are also found in luggage scales and garage door mechanisms.

Spring Manufacture

Springs can also be classified by how they’re made. 

Flat Springs

Flat springs come in all sorts of sizes and shapes: Spring washers, PCB spring contacts, and retainer clips are all examples of flat springs. Essentially sheet metal parts, they can be made by stamping. However, there are coiled flat springs as well, such as clock springs and volute springs. They also need be heat treated for shape memory.

Moulded Springs

Plastic or composite springs are commonly found in corrosive environments, such as food production, medical, and marine applications.