These films capture some key events over the last 50 years such as the launch of John Horsfall’s Iron Masters of Penns book in 1971 and the demise of deep-shaft mining in the 1980s. They also tell the story of our family business and its amazing workforce.

Iron Masters of Penns book launch 1971

The Family Business 1990

British Manufacturing 1991

European Summit Birmingham 1992

Coal Investments administration 1996

BBC History of the World 2010


These films are forward thinking explorations of Webster & Horsfall, from its foundation in the Industrial Revolution, to a modern 300-year-old company, focusing and promoting the future of green energy through Tyseley Energy Park.

People, Places and Innovation

Arthur Lockwood

Teaser – People, Places and Innovation

Tyseley Energy Park – Driving green growth in Birmingham

Regional Energy Policy Commission Launch

University Annual Meeting: Tackling Air Pollution

UAM 2020: Clean Energy Revolution

Transforming Energy Innovation