As a socially aware company, we believe in conducting business in a manner, which, both achieves sustainable growth for us as a company and demonstrates a high degree of social responsibility. We very firmly believe that by developing a sustainable CSR strategy that both supports and is enhanced by our growth as a company we will be creating a source of competitive advantage for our business and for those who work with us.

In line with most traditional CSR strategies, our approach encompasses:

  • Our marketplace
  • Our environment
  • Our community
  • Our people

Our marketplace

We are committed to an open and fair approach to working with clients, candidates and suppliers:

All our written collateral will be in plain, understandable English; telling the truth without hiding behind ‘small print’. We intend to make the product / services we offer as clear as possible, telling people what they want to know without prevarication or distortion.

If any problem occurs we will acknowledge the issue and do our very best to resolve it.

We listen and respond to clients’ requirements and will constantly strive to improve our service levels; we will always work in an honest, open and fair manner.

Truth and clarity will mark all our dealings with employees; we will avoid high ‘pressure-selling’ of ideas and avoid taking advantage of difficult recruitment conditions or employee redundancies.

We make it a source of professional pride to deal with all suppliers in an honest and fair manner, and in every way working with the utmost respect for the demands on other small businesses.

Our environment

We have a Waste Management and Recycling Policy, which, is the responsibility of the Environmental Health and Safety Manager within the team with broad responsibility for energy efficiency (switching off lights, turning off computers etc.) as well as waste management (minimizing of printed materials; recycling of all used non-confidential paper; recycling used ink cartridges etc.).

We will continue to actively assess and manage the environmental impacts of all our operations.

Our Community

We intend to work closely with the local community and supporting whenever appropriate.
We will continue to develop our standing as a responsible business in the community.

Our people

We want our employees to feel that they belong to a business with a genuine ethical standpoint and be proud to say that they work for such a company; we aim to provide a safe, fulfilling and rewarding career for all our employees.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is ongoing and will change and develop as we develop as business. But by working together with all our stakeholders and embracing CSR, we hope to open doors to new markets, opportunities and relationships, increasing competitiveness and profitability and demonstrating our continued commitment to sustainable development. As we continue to take pride in our own business we commit to ongoing benchmarking, evaluation and improvement of CSR performance.