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Latch and Batchelor is a specialist UK manufacturer and stockist of wire rope and assemblies for Crane and associated lifting applications. Being the UK and Ireland distributor for Verope AG enables us to offer the OEM rope for your crane whether it be a Tower, Mobile, Crawler, Harbour Mobile, Ship to Shore, Gantry crane, small overhead hoist or offshore application. Our team of technicians are also fully trained and certified to fit end stops to your mobile crane on or off site. Our centrally based Service Centre approved to ISO 9001:2015 can efficiently process your order, offering hand/mechanical splicing, socketing and swaging.

Latch and Batchelor is also able to offer specialist wire rope for mining, haulage and structural and general engineering applications. We have been manufacturing wire rope since 1884 when our company was first to invent Locked Coil and Flattened Strand Wire Rope for mining applications. 

Today we supply specialist mining rope to long standing customers in Brazil, Canada, Zambia, France, Mongolia, UK, Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia and Ghana. 

Latch and Batchelor


Latch and Batchelor Products and Services

Verope Special Wire Ropes

Verope® AG is a Joint Venture company between Pierre Verreet, head and founder of verope®, and Kiswire Ltd. from South Korea. By using the extraordinary expertise of verope® in the special wire rope market and the long experience of Kiswire Ltd. in efficient production, verope® is a partner you can rely on. Our concept is to provide affordable high quality special wire ropes for the mining-, constructionand heavy industry, as well as offshore and port applications to the world market. At the heart of the verope® service strategy lies reliability and consistent innovation with a true global reach. This is achieved by focusing on the most valuable asset of any company – its employees and partners all over the globe. Together they make up our heroes of reliability. This ever-expanding verope® team remains your reliable partner to advise and assist you on the best and most competitive rope construction for your application.


Latch and Batchelor have extensive experience with onshore, offshore and subsea steel wire rope applications and can provide DNV approval as required. We can offer small to large diameter, long length steel wire OEM ropes for: Hoist, Deck, Diving bell, Clump weight and Mooring line.

Structural Rope

We have the ability supply Spiral strand rope and assemblies, pre-stretched and measured accurately using our indoor 110m pre-stretching range. Should customers require end terminations our on-site team can fit a variety of different sockets to suit customer requirements.

Crane Ropes

Latch and Batchelor have extensive experience in supplying specialist high performance steel wire ropes to the majority of the Port authorities in the UK and Ireland and a host of crane maintenance companies. We can offer specialist ropes for Ship-to-Shore Cranes, Container Crane, Gantry Cranes, RTG / RMG Cranes, Straddle Carriers, Mobile Harbour Cranes, Hoist Ropes, Trolley Ropes, Grab Ropes, Boom Hoist Ropes, Anti-Sway Ropes, Holding and Closing Ropes.

We have Technicians who are trained and certified by Verope to supply and fit end stops to your mobile crane whether it be a Liebherr, Terex-Demag, Tadano-Faun, Grove or another.


Latch and Batchelor are the original inventors of Locked Coil and Flattened Strand Steel Wire Ropes and have been manufacturing these and other ropes for mining applications for well over 120 years. Today we supply Locked Coil Winding Ropes, Guide Ropes and Balance Ropes to long standing customers in Brazil, Canada, Zambia, France, Mongolia, UK, Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia, Ghana and more.

Wire Rope Assemblies and Fittings


We are an authorised Crosby distributor enabling us to be able to offer their full range of products such as open/closed spelter sockets, shackles, swivels, swaged ends, wire rope clips, Wedge sockets and many more fittings as required.




We can supply and fit the full range of Nemag rope sockets from stock. The Nemag Rope Pear Socket is cast from high-grade austenic manganese steel and generally lasts longer than the steel wire rope itself. Austenic manganese steel combines a great toughness and a high resistance to wear


We can offer Ropeblock products such as hook blocks, crane blocks, sockets, lifting blocks, snatch blocks, overhaul balls, swivels and travelling blocks. Each product in individually marked to allow traceability to its respective date of production and material certification.




We can supply and fit Demag rope sockets, shackles, wedge sockets, load handling attachments and a variety of lifting accessories.


We can supply WIRELOCK® Resin kits for your own on site socketing requirements.

The following kit sizes are available:-

100cc, 250cc, 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc and 3000cc


As we are the official UK and Ireland agents for Verope we are able to offer lubricant specifically for Verope special wire ropes.

  • Low viscous solvent based lubricant and preservative agent for any kind of wire ropes
  • Temperature range: – 35 / + 65 ˚C
  • Dewatering properties
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Good penetrating effect
  • Good protection against wear
  • Weather-proof
  • Prolongs cable life
  • Forms a none-dripping adhesive lubrication film


We are able to provide you with the following services listed here:

  • Pre-Stretching and proof loading

  • On site fitting of special ends

  • Hand Splicing (Long and Short)

  • Socketing

  • Mechanical Splicing

  • Fuse and Tapered ends

Latch and Batchelor take pride in our knowledge and experience of wire ropes and their correct applications and in addition to our ISO 9001 certification and are approved suppliers to the MOD, BNFL and Rolls Royce.

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