Webster and Horsfall

Webster & Horsfall are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist wire providing bespoke products to a diverse range of clients throughout Europe, North America and Asia

Based in the city of Birmingham the industrial heartland of England, Webster & Horsfall have been at the forefront of Wire manufacturing for three centuries.

Webster & Horsfall combine their wealth of experience with state-of-the-art modern technology to manufacture and supply the highest quality Wire products for the world we live in today.


Webster and Horsfall Products and Services

Hard Drawn Wire

For mechanical springs.  Extension, compression and torsion. Available phosphate coated, wet drawn, galvanised, tinned and lished. Other finishes are available.

Wire Manufacture / Wire Stockist

Webster and Horsfall are manufacturers and stockists. Market leaders who, with out highly skilled team and state of the and machinery create the highest quality products


Single strand, unbraided wire used in the mining and drilling industry.

Mills and Driver Bending Springs

Mills and Driver, the market leader in bending springs

Dental Lab Wire

Diamond drawn; highly polished stainless-steel wire suitable for all orthodontic appliances.